started with a simple goal: assist property inspectors by providing an effective means of communicating the scope of their services to their clients. After several years providing risk management seminars for professional inspectors we realized confusion about what the inspection includes, and more importantly, what it does not, contributed to cause customer complaints and, sometimes, claims and litigation. Traveling around the country speaking to inspectors alerted us to the need for affordable, specific contracts for home inspection and other services related to the home inspection profession. We believe our contracts satisfy that need, and we hope you will too.

Joe Denneler, Esq.

Joseph Denneler, Esq. defends home inspectors, real estate appraisers, real estate brokers and agents, lawyers,
accountants and insurance brokers and agents in litigation matters.
Over the last ten years Joe has developed a niche defending home inspectors against professional
liability claims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Joe has been asked to defend home inspectors in
State and Federal Courts, as well as in contracted-for Mediations and Arbitrations. As a result of his
extensive experience representing home inspectors Joe is frequently requested to speak nationwide
to inspectors on issues ranging from inspection report writing, drafting inspection contracts and
preventing liability claims. Joe is often asked by insurance carriers to consult on claims against home
inspectors all over the United States. Joe is the counsel of choice to defend home inspectors by
many of the largest insurers of these professionals, and his proven track record and commitment to
success gives him a distinct competitive advantage. In addition to litigating home inspection claims
Joe is General Counsel to the New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors
(NJ-ALPHI) where he routinely provides lectures and continuing education seminars to New Jersey